Best Islamic Calligraphy Live Wallpapers for Android

Deciding on a Wallpaper is the primary step towards the realization that you now own an Android smartphone. You get a feel of customization and a feeling of individualization. Android wallpapers are a step ahead in offering you a personalized touch with its live wallpapers choices. Android smartphones, unlike Apple smartphones or other cellular phone, are known for facilitating their users to personalize their cellphone. Among the superb features in Android devices is the choice to use live wallpapers. These wallpapers aren’t static wallpaper.


Here, I am going to share some awesome live wallpaper containing Arabic Calligraphy. I found them while browsing through the Play Store and these live wallpapers are worth using. There are some free and few paid live wallpapers of Arabic Calligraphy and I have also shared the link of the developer, Artfuzed as well. These wallpapers are free or pricing max $1 in Google Play. If you like these wallpapers, I encourage you to buy these wallpapers to support the developer so they may offer something great.


Check out this inspiring list of live wallpaper by Artfuzed:


These wallpapers carry few unique features that differentiates them from others in this category. Excellent image quality optimized for device compatibility make them compatible to all Android smartphones and tablets. There is a home screen icon to quickly launch your favorite wallpapers after installation. Also you can set wallpaper movement speed.



High-Quality Images

Click here to Download All images as Zip



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