Why Android Live Wallpaper is in Fashion?

Static wallpapers are sometimes boring on an Android device.  It gives the same look on the home screen until or unless you want to change it. Everyone wants that their smartphone’s home screen looks unique and interactive, instead of boring screen widgets and static wallpaper, isn’t so?

Android leads all smartphones operating systems available in the market now, in terms of customization. It gives a choice to the users to animate their home screen by enriching it with some cool and peaceful live wallpapers. These wallpapers are called Live Wallpapers.

Why Prefer Live Wallpaper?

Live wallpapers are just like a designed app that offers distinctive feature to Android smartphones and tablets. Live wallpapers makes your Android device look more attractive with its features and vigor. These are used as backgrounds of Graphical users interface.

Live wallpapers are preferred over normal wallpapers because they were fixed and static. In contrast, live wallpapers are normally lively, dynamic and interactive. You can even change the live wallpaper on your home screen by following few simple steps. They can adjust themselves according to the screen added by the provider.

Unique Features

  • Live Wallpapers are animated, interactive backgrounds for the Android home screen that are similar to other Android applications and can use most of the same functionality.
  • Live wallpapers are dynamic and changes themselves depending upon situations such as the battery life of smartphone, the current time of day and the weather conditions.
  • Live wallpapers provide users with richer and interactive backgrounds compared to previous versions of the Android mobile operating system that used more traditional and static wallpapers.
  • Android live wallpapers work similar to an Android mobile app because it can access functions of the platform such as OpenGL, GPS, and network access and so on.
  • Live wallpapers are designed to offer a better user experience and many different live wallpapers can be downloaded free from the Android Market.

Live Wallpaper supporting Android Smartphones

Android version 2.1 (Eclair) supports live wallpapers and its compulsory to have an Android device with Éclair or above to use Live Wallpaper. It doesn’t guarantee that you can run live wallpaper if you have the required Android version or supporting device. There might be other factors that can cause problems while running Live wallpaper.

Live wallpapers, like any other Android apps, can have hardware, version, country or any other limitations. You may have to update your android version or anything related to that may cause an error in running live wallpapers smoothly.

Few Live Wallpapers for Android

Live wallpapers are available on Play Store in free and paid form. Here are few cool and popular free live wallpapers for Android so you can modernize your smartphone or tablet.

Alhamdullilah Live Wallpaper


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